Recently, there has been a major shift in the Muslim community’s views on the hijab. Tell me. Why have our fellow Muslim females begun to demonize the hijab more so than non-Muslims do?

It has become a real struggle to practice hijab the way it was intended to be. Rather, we find our hijab become remixed to suit commercial propaganda, altered into something that is deemed more acceptable for publicization. These same people are the ones looking down on the Muslimah who adopts the true jilbaab as commanded in the Quran 33:59. Particularly for females who choose to wear the correct hijab, it is not as hard to practice our religion in present-day London as it once was. there may be the few people who target hijab-wearing girls but in general, its become more accepted but it’s becoming less accepted in our Muslim communities.

There have been many instances where I have come across Muslims claiming that the jilbaab is “too extreme”. There are even Muslims whose own Muslim friends call “extremist”, just for trying to practice their religion properly. I swear, I wish I was making this all up. But it’s the cold truth, our shameful reality. The struggle of wearing the hijab mostly comes from our fellow Muslims nowadays. Yes, I will continue to say “by Muslims”, despite how shocking it is that this even occurs.

Why is it I’m made to feel weird that I don’t have a strand of hair exposed or my chest out?

Somehow, I blame this new culture of making hijab more fashionable and trying to be accepted by the general non-Muslim society, when their society is forever changing and cannot be mixed with Islam. The simple fact is, our religion is beautifully complete and final, and will not be manipulated to suit each person’s agenda.

Sadly, Hijab has become a marketing tool and a reason to boost up sales. On top of this, our own people are exploiting it. The only time you see Islam being shown in a positive light is when a certain person is trying to break the stereotypes that Islam has been subjected to. Frankly, I don’t think Islam should come in the headlines along with these people who are doing nothing to benefit the Muslim population.  How can a single person do something for themselves and use Islam to bring attention to whatever they are doing, and everyone seems to praise and applaud them for whatever it is that they are doing for the simple fact that they happen to be Muslim?

This is why it is becoming a struggle for Muslim families to advise their young daughters on the fundamentals of Islam, because of these so-called “hijabi” role models.

We, young Muslim women, are starting to feel uncomfortable to even speak openly about Islam and modest clothing amongst other Muslim women now. We are slapped with this notion that we are judgemental, yet we are simply stating facts.

And for the people who go as far as to discourage another person who is transitioning into being more practicing is something I cannot wrap my head around. In a religion that they are both apart of! I truly understand that becoming more religious may be difficult and challenging, but why insist on making others uncomfortable for doing what is right? I personally think the people who are doing this are intimidated. By the practicing individual. And we all know intimidated people make the best of bullies.

Another thing that has been on my mind. As a Muslim Somali, I feel like our fellow Somali sisters are letting us down drastically. These saying you have when it comes to covering up is just appalling “its not that deep, sis” “you’re still young” along with making it seem that there is not one single issue with wearing exposed clothing, chests out, the tightest fitting clothes all while trying to rock a version of hijab that doesn’t even look like hijab anymore, it’s simply just a piece of cloth on your heads which reminds me of one of the major signs of judgment days; “There will be women who will be dressed but they will be naked. Their heads will be like the humps of camels.”

We are all supposed to be an ummah but there a group of people on social media and all around us who are working extremely hard to abolish the mindset that most Muslims have. That someday we will unite as one but unfortunately, our own are bringing us down publicly yet again. I blame social media for giving these clowns a voice but alas, Allah is the most exalted and he who wishes to belittle the deen will not go far. Islam will continue to thrive

I have just one request from these people: to acknowledge your wrongs, fear Allah, and encourage those who are bettering themselves instead of bringing them down. Stop acting self-righteously as there is nothing cute about behaving in this manner.

Not to only focus on the negative, Hijab is one of the most sacred things in Islam. It is a duty in itself to respect it and hold it with high values, as well as it being a sign of strength and solidarity for our fellow Muslim women who struggled tremendously before us.



4 beatiful hijaabis


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